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Entitlements & User Settings Tour
Entitlements & User Settings Tour

Account administrators can set user access and permission settings to control the information that individuals can engage with in Trovata

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Existing Roles

Admin: This role has the highest permissions level as it allows the user to engage with all functions in Trovata and grants access to the admin portal.

User: This is the default role which allows the user to engage with all functions in Trovata, but does not grant access to the admin portal.

Reader: This role is read only and can be used to allow individuals specific visibility to whitelisted resources. Whitelisted resources include Accounts, Tags, Reports, Classic Reports, and Forecasts. By default, readers will have access to all of these resources and Admins can later specify, if needed, which of these resources should be accessible.

User Groups

Create and manage user groups, their permissions, and data resources.

  1. Click New Group

  2. Enter the Group Name and Description, then click Next

  3. Toggle the relevant feature permissions for the user group. Use the search bar to quickly find the objects & modules that you'd like to select. When done, click Next

  4. Add data resources to provide the user group with access. When done, click Next

  5. Assign Users to the group by toggling the slider, then click Next

  6. Review your selections, then click Confirm

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