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Creating and Editing Current Cash Reports
Creating and Editing Current Cash Reports

Learn how to quickly create a Current Cash Report on the Balances page

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Creating Current Cash Reports

  1. Click “Balances” on the navigation menu to get started

  2. Select the add snack icon in the top right corner of the Balances page

  3. Click “Current Cash”

  4. After the new Current Cash configuration appears, input a name for the Current Cash snack, and configure the metric settings in the top section

  5. Use the search bar to find specific accounts that you’d like to aggregate. Click the check mark to select an individual account, or click the check mark in the heading to select all returned accounts. Finally, click the blue button to add the selected accounts into the calculation.

  6. The sum of the selected accounts will populate in the middle section. Click “Done” to add your Current Cash object to the top carousel of the Balances Page

  7. The report will then be pinned to the far right side of the Balances Page carousel

Editing Current Cash Reports

  1. Click the three dots in the top right corner of a snack to:

    • Edit any of the Current Cash configuration fields

    • Show/Hide the bar chart of historical values

      • (last 7 days is fixed)

    • Show/Hide the Account Type breakdown summary

      • (ex: Operating, Investment, Other, Debt)

    • Duplicate the Current Cash snack

    • Or remove the snack from the Balances Page carousel

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