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Insights is a new family of machine learning driven capabilities that are designed to improve tags, reporting, and recommendations features

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Within this section of the application you will see “Insight Cards” which are grouped into sections to organize the insights that are being generated by our AI models.

All of the insights that are generated are done so without any user input and are intended to be used to supplement the user experience through discovery of new insights related to the business across a few key areas:

Directionality of Data

As movements in your cash flow occur, Trovata will automatically detect them and provide visualizations that break down the movements based on various categories that you will already be familiar with from the tool.

Clicking on these insight cards will drill into further detail relating to the insight providing an interactive view of the content provided in the insight.


In the Anomalies section, we are searching through the transaction flow data to detect anomalous movements in the number of transactions flowing through the system by account. In cases where an anomaly is detected, it will be presented as a card with a high level overview of the standard deviation being tracked and on that date that the anomaly occurred:


Trovata will also detect opportunities for you to improve your experience by adding tags or reports and will present these within the recommendations section. When clicking on the recommendation you will see the option to view the transactions explorer which will take you to a completely interactive view breaking down your transactions:

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